Support our mission to provide and support the principles of manhood/ womanhood, critical thinking, personal and social responsibilities for at risk youth, and offer the tools necessary for self- empowerment, health and wellness, civic leadership, and conflict resolution.

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The NYU-H+H CTSI supports clinical and translational research that transforms health care and improves community health. We achieve this mission through an innovative public-private partnership of institutions with unique and complementary strengths: a private research university with a history of public service and substantial biomedical, behavioral, and population health expertise (NYU), the largest municipal healthcare system in the United States (H+H), a state psychiatric institute (Nathan Kline Institute), and numerous community organizations that represent the rich diversity of NYC.

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Silver School faculty are creating knowledge for tomorrow and training the next generation of social workers. Our stellar faculty include a leader in qualitative research methods and the former president of the National Association of Social Workers. Faculty members are shaping the discourse of the major theoretical and philosophical issues facing the profession, building a cadre of social workers in palliative and end-of-life care, and partnering with agencies and organizations to create effective interventions.

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