Get involved by donating in-kind services, products or underwrite a workshop agenda or activity.

Partnership Benefits

  • This unique, one-of-a-kind initiative is the perfect opportunity to provide a short-term investment with long-term return on investment.
  • Enhanced recognition of good corporate citizenship, and positive media exposure.
  • Showcased as an event partner.
  • Access and outreach to over 5000+ individuals.
  • Integration of your products and services directly to youth, families and their communities.
  • Logo on website and on all media communication.
  • Various opportunities for your representatives to interact and discuss your products and services with youth and families.
  • Premium partnership can have category exclusivity.

Youth Leadership Conference Partnership Packages

Partnership Levels

  • Presenting ($15,000) Company exclusively showcased as presenting partner for YLC.¬†One at this level.
  • Founding ($10,000) Company showcased as founding partner for YLC.
  • Category ($7,500) Towards facility, transportation, event materials, and catering.
  • Digital ($5,000) Towards facility, media, and technology.
  • Contributor ($2,500) Towards event materials, books, tshirts, programs, and promotional items.


Presenting Founding Category Digital Contributor
Company logo will be part of the official YLC title X
Company logo will be displayed on all participants’ badges X
Opportunity to speak at YLC X X
Most prominent name and logo placement on all printed materials X X
Prominent logo in all communication X X X
Opportunity to have exhibitor table for promotional items or resources X X X X
Company logo on all printed material X X X X
Logo on all related communication X X X X
Supporter name or logo on website X X X X X