To provide and support the principles of personal accountability and social responsibility for youth, and offer the tools necessary for self-empowerment, health and wellness, civic leadership, and conflict resolution.


Help support a community where our youth strive to achieve health and wellness, educational and economic, social, and political empowerment based on the knowledge that they control their future.

A Challenge Worth Solving

To achieve well-being for youth and their families in low resourced communities, these communities need to attract an ecosystem of stakeholders to connect and work with local networks for systemic change.

Our Solution

Bring together various members of Education, Business, Health and Medicine, Law, Government, and Social communities to create a culture of health and well-being for at-risk youth and their families.

Well-being is defined as an individual’s ability to live a valued existence, where individual and environmental factors are balanced to ensure ongoing success. The definition broadly supports educational and economic descriptors, physical and behavioral health, as well as hope.